The organization of the First Baptist Church of Colorado City was the result of the missionary efforts of George Washington Baines. He came to the frontier town to establish a mission in the latter part of 1881. This noted Baptist leader had founded seven churches in Arkansas in the 1840’s and he was pastor to General and Mrs. Sam Houston. During the Civil War years, Baines served as President of Baylor University. Reverend Baines was the great-grandfather of Lyndon Baines Johnson, the thirty-sixth President of the United States. The founding of this church was perhaps the last great service of George Washington Baines, who died in 1882.


Peter Turner 1882-1883

W.E. Tynes 1884-1884

S.W.A. Whittle 1884-1886

E.Z.F. Golden 1886-1887

A.J. Tant 1887-1890

J.C. Burkett 1891-1894

Pickney Harris 1894-1895

B.H. Carroll, Jr. 1895-1898

G.M. Harrell 1898-1904

Holmes Nichols 1905-1909

B. Broome 1910-1913

J.N. Campbell 1913-1914

W.L. Williamson 1914-1917

W.C. Garrett 1917-1919

John W. Pearce 1919-1921

M.C. Bishop 1921-1926

D.W. Morgan 1926-1927

W.C. Ashford 1928-1931

Oren C. Reid 1931-1932

P.D. O’Brien 1932-1937

T.A. Patterson 1937-1939

Arthur E. Travis 1940-1943

John D. Simon 1944-1945

R.Y. Bradford 1946-1952

J.F. Selcraig 1953-1960

H.W. Bartlett 1961-1964

M.A. Smith, Jr. 1964-1968

Glenn L. Roenfeldt 1968-1987

Ted C. Spear 1988-2005

Jerry Shields 2006-



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