Air hostess to billionaires shares sordid secrets from on-board private jets

A private jet air hostess has lifted the lid on the sordid goings on of the world of luxury travel where staff are made to sleep with bosses and parrots fly in luxury.

Writing under a pen name, veteran flight attendant Saskia Swann has offered a first-hand account of life travelling among the one per cent in Above And Beyond: Secrets Of A Private Flight Attendant.

The biography delivers the dirty on her oligarch boss, who wined, dined and bedded her in luxury hotels while employing Saskia to clean up after his mistresses.

The 47-year-old also details the perks of working aboard luxury jets, including big pay packets and designer wardrobes.

Saskia had to sign eight confidentiality agreements before she was offered her first non-commercial airliner job working for a Russian billionaire, named in the book as Pavel.

On the plus side, her £40,000 annual salary was a big upgrade and she regularly got to stay in five-star hotels and wear designer outfits.

Less enjoyable was the frantic efforts she had to make to hide Pavel’s affairs from his wife and two children.

On one occasion, Saskia accompanied the family from Istanbul to LA before having to discard all evidence that they’d been on the flight in time for his mistress to arrive.

If the blonde model found a single brunette hair left onboard “we’ll all be sacked”, the flight attendant was told.

Later on Saskia was warned that Pavel expected his private jet workers to put out too, and that she would be fired if she said no.

Her time came during a trip to New York when she received a text at 5pm.

In £20,000 of debt at the time and staying in a £1,000 a night room, Saskia accepted her bosses invitation after breaking down in tears.

She was delivered a box containing a bandage dress and diamond necklace and then whisked to a high end restaurant for a pricey meal.

Desert came in the form of oysters, caviar and champagne in a penthouse suite decked in chandeliers, luxurious glass balconies and lacquered walls.

“Our dancing ended in sex, on the luscious carpet among scraps of food,” she said, Mail Online reported.

“‘Interminable missionary sex. I’m sure Pavel had taken Viagra…I closed my eyes and let him continue.”

The following morning Saskia woke up in bed alone but for punishing thoughts that she was a “prostitute”.

Despite her feelings of self-loathing, fear for her job and large levels of debt saw the one night stand quickly become a regular fling.

Three years passed before Saskia began working for a Saudi prince she calls Hossein.

There she was asked to sprinkle a few white rose petals on the pillows of his wife, and “bucket loads” of red petals when his mistresses were around.

Once she caught Hossein engaging in some mid-air afternoon delight.

“There were lumps and bumps moving beneath the cashmere blanket, clothes discarded on the floor, and what looked to be a thong the colour of raw squid coiled on the table next to the canapés,” she recalled.

Saskia was told Hussein’s plane was a safe jet, which meant the plane’s owner didn’t expect his flight attendants to have sex with him.

While this would be considered less of a perk than a given for most employees, the designer goodies she was given on her first job would be a boon in anyone’s book.

Among the highlights were Hermès silk neck scarves, two Prada skinny leather belts, a Prada handbag, footwear by Salvatore Ferragamo and a Louis Vuitton suitcase.

When not in full-time employment Saskia worked freelance on jets whizzing from destinations in the Caribbean, Dubai and Africa.

Typically she would be paid $450 (£315) in wages, plus $125 (£90) in living expenses.

For that money she would often have to cater for the passengers, whether that be cooking meals or buying crate loads of Dom Pérignon.

On board one jet Saskia and her colleague found themselves catering for Felix, a bilingual African Grey parrot, and Helena, a Siamese cat.

The pampered puss had her own oxygen mask and child life cot “in case of an emergency”.

Felix had his own little perch attached to a seat, so he could reach the table for dinner, and would regularly say ‘Kartoffel-dauphinoise’ – German for potato dauphinoise, his favourite dish which was served to him in a ramekin.